Golf Lessons


With over 20 years of golf experience, Randy is offering golf lessons for anyone with any level of experience!

  • Randy Olson just returned from teaching at the John Jacobs Golf School in Scottsdale, AZ. He returns with a wealth of information and looks forward to sharing with all of the Lakes Club patrons who would like the help.
  • Randy is offering lessons at the same cost as last year which is $60 per hour from 1-4 people. The cost is per hour not per person.
  • He is offering a 3 lesson package this year for $150. It is not possible to cover all aspects of the golf game in one lesson. He is encouraging players to consider this this option if a person desires help with all parts of the golf game.

You can contact him at 605-376-8517 or [email protected] for more information. He looks forward to helping all players cure any swing issues early in the season.